Orchid accounts are the center of the payment system that allows Orchid’s decentralized VPN application to function. To use the VPN application, you will need access to an Orchid account.

Orchid accounts hold the funds that pay providers through the nanopayment system and users are responsible for managing those accounts on the blockchain. Each account has its own public/private keypair, a special funder wallet that can control the account and the account makeup (deposit & balance), which determines how efficient the account is at transmitting payments.

it is possible to simply purchase an Orchid account from Orchid Labs using an in-app purchase. These are distinct from Orchid accounts created in the dApp and have the following properties:

  • Purchased accounts connect only to preferred providers for VPN service.

  • It is not possible to transfer the crypto out of a purchased Orchid account in the same way as an account created in the dApp.

  • Accounts are created on the xDai blockchain and are denominated in the XDAI stablecoin.

Orchid takes your in-app purchase funds and adds the equivalent xDAI to the selected Orchid address on the xDai blockchain. Your balance and deposit will increase by the amount of USD purchased.

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