The wallet address displayed when you select "Manage Accounts" in the Orchid client app is not displayed so that you can send funds to it. Instead, it is displayed to help you sort between different accounts. Orchid is working on enhancing the app to make this more clear.

In the meantime, you can still retrieve those xDai! What you need to do is take your xDai account sharing code and pull the secret component out. That is a valid xDai wallet secret key.

You can retrieve your xDai by following these steps:

  • Select 'Manage Accounts'

  • Select the gear/cog to the right

  • Select 'Export'

  • Scanning the QR code or select the 'Copy' button to get the underlying data

From this code you grab the secret portion at the end of the account configuration code. The whole thing looks like this: account={protocol:"orchid",funder:"0xD43…,secret:”…”}

  • Load that secret value into a wallet that allows you to directly import a wallet via secret key (e.g. MetaMask).

  • You should be able to import that secret key and get access to the underlying wallet.

  • Send the public address for that key some Ether, and you can then transfer out your xDai!

Once you have recovered your xDai, you can watch this tutorial on creating an account using in-app purchases here:

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